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Sale Graymelin Bifida Serum

Graymelin Bifida Serum

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Face serum

Ampoule serum with bifidobacteria has a directional effect and quickly heals mature skin. It activates the processes of recovery, heals microcracks, perfectly aligns the tone, reduces the number and severity of wrinkles.

Serum provides good nutrition and hydration of the skin, perfectly softens the skin, soothes it and increases the barrier function. The main component of Bifida 100% Fermentation Solution Hydration Nourishment is a bifidobacterial lysate extract. It stimulates the production of ceramides, increases local immunity, normalizes the water balance and retains moisture in the cells for a long time, improves skin elasticity, perfectly aligns the tone, restores cells after negative effects.

With continuous use of serum from Graymelin, the skin becomes perfectly smooth, toned and moisturized. It has a powerful anti-aging effect, eliminates all visible signs of wilting and helps to prolong youth. The serum is ideal for skin care after thirty years.


To apply serum on skin and to distribute the soft massing movements. Leave until completely absorbed.


50 ml

$15-30Face serumGraymelinLoose skinWrinkles

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