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Sale Farmstay Black Pearl All In One Ampoule

Farmstay Black Pearl All In One Ampoule

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Face ampoule

A unique development from FarmStay - a product that combines everything that is necessary for the skin immediately after cleansing. One product with a light gel texture replaces several products: tonic, emulsion and serum - which is very convenient for quick but full care. 

Also, the product will become a reliable companion on vacation - only 1 product will save space in the cosmetic bag and reduce its weight. 

Serum Farmstay Black Pearl All-in-One Ampoule with pearl extract is aimed at rejuvenating the skin and slowing down its aging processes, activating the regenerative ability of cells, strengthens their defenses. The high content of antioxidants reduces the risk of skin irritations that cause chemical, physical, radiation and other environmental factors. 

Pearl extract is a natural filter for ultraviolet rays and protects the skin from burning, and also prevents the synthesis of melanin, thereby preventing the appearance of pigment spots and freckles, brightens existing ones. 

Serum with pearls well moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles, makes it elastic and elastic, promotes natural and gradual smoothing of skin tone, gives it a beautiful color and dullness. 


Apply the serum to cleansed skin with light massaging movements. 


250 ml

$15-30Damaged skinDryDull skin toneFace ampouleFarmstayPigmentationWrinkles

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