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Sale Farmstay All In One Honey Ampoule

Farmstay All In One Honey Ampoule

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Face ampoule

Ampoule serum contains a natural liquid honey extract, a real delicacy for the skin of the face, extremely useful and multifunctional. Serum promotes intensive nutrition and hydration of the skin, and also effectively heals and rejuvenates it, reduces the severity of wrinkles and pigmentation. 

The serum contains extracts of honey, royal jelly and propolis, as well as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and plant extracts. 

Honey extract deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, softens and smoothes it, eliminates desquamation, promotes healing of irritations and prevents the appearance of new inflammations, promotes restoration and renewal of the skin. 

Royal jelly improves cellular metabolism and blood circulation in the skin, accelerates its recovery, improves firmness and elasticity, helps smooth wrinkles and tighten skin. Also, royal jelly enhances the protective skin barrier, making the skin more resistant to the adverse effects of the environment (cold, heat, air and water pollution, exposure to radiation, infectious agents, toxins, heavy metal salts). 

Propolis accelerates the renewal of tissues and contributes to a more intensive penetration of beneficial substances into the deeper layers of the skin, reduces the appearance of skin rashes, levels the skin tone, gives it a beautiful and natural color. 

Niacinamide brightens pigment spots, corrects uneven skin tone, softens traces of post-acne, and also provides a powerful cellular renewal of the skin, is a strong antioxidant that protects against aggressive UV and free radicals. 

Hyaluronic acid intensively moisturizes the skin, creates on its surface an inconspicuous thinnest film that prevents evaporation of water, keeping moisture inside. Promotes wound healing, affects immune responses, protects cells from free radicals, protects the skin from premature aging. 

The serum contains NO artificial colors, mineral oil, parabens and benzophenone. 


Apply the serum to cleansed skin with light massaging movements. 


250 ml

$15-30Damaged skinDryFace ampouleFarmstayPigmentationWrinkles

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