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Sale Etude House My Beauty Tool One Shot Cleansing Glove

Etude House My Beauty Tool One Shot Cleansing Glove

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Etude House

If you soak it in water, you can do cleansing and exfoliation at once. Remove amazingly clean up water-proof, dark makeup, cleansing oil. It is a fibre with a wide surface area and delicate texture. Absorbs keratin, sebum, and makeup residue and gently wipe it off. You can clean it without hesitation. Made of microfiber and smooth on the back. Bamboo fabric is made of the front surface cool. The front can also be used for the shower. It works better with cleansing products.  


Cleansing: 1. Soak in warm water for your gently remove the moisture. Use the index finger and the middle finger to cleanse the back of the glove while rubbing gently in the order of forehead - cheek - nose - chin. 2. When cleansing the thick makeup or waterproof makeup. Rinse lightly moistened gloves in warm water, remove the water, Applying the appropriate amount of cleansing products on the back of the glove and rubbing your cleansing. 3. Rinse clean with lukewarm water.

Dead Skin Removal: 1. Soak in warm water for your gently remove the moisture. Put it on your face to open the pores. 2. Use your index finger, middle finger and fourth finger to gently rub your nose and chin on the front of the glove. If you use a cleansing oil and gently massage the nose and the chin is more effective. 3. Make foam with a foam cleanser once a week and gently rub the entire face with the palm of your hand.

* When first opened, please use lightly washed. Before use: Wear gloves in hand and soak in warm water gently remove excess water. After use: Wash thoroughly with a foam cleanser, remove water, and dry in a cool, well-ventilated area. 


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