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Sale Etude House Jewel Beam Gel Mask

Etude House Jewel Beam Gel Mask

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Sheet mask
Etude House

Hydrogel mask, sensitive to the external temperature of the skin, instantly melts when it comes into contact with the skin, effectively transferring nutrients to the skin.

4 types of masks are available:

Blushing Ruby. The mask sheet, filled with ruby elegance, gives the skin a feeling of cooling and moisture saturation. Rose extract tones the skin vitality, soothes, restores comfort, helps to maintain a bright, clean, healthy tone.

Classic Gold. The mask sheet, filled with the vital forces of colloidal gold and collagen, gives the skin elasticity and saturation with moisture. Colloidal gold masks are completely safe. Colloidal gold isn't toxic, it isn't embedded in the cell but utilized by the body. The processes triggered by the body when using colloidal gold are comparable to the method of tightening gold threads but don't cause side effects in the form of scars, collagen tissue under the skin. The result of the use of gold colloidal nanoparticles - skin rejuvenation, levelling the tone of the face, enriching the skin with oxygen, strengthening turgor and facial contours.

Twinkling Diamond. The mask sheet, with the content of diamond powder, restores the brightness of the skin tone, strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, promotes skin regeneration. Ceramides help restore the skin, its hydrolipid mantle, improve the skin's moisturizing state by 60-70%. Ceramides contained in cosmetics protect the skin from the effects of adverse external factors and prevent its drying.

Moonlight Pearl. The mask sheet containing the pearl powder effectively brightens and restores the brightness of the skin tone. Pearl extract helps maintain the skin's moisture level and prevents its dryness, as well as its crystalline structure, reflects UV radiation. Contains natural substances and minerals that are uniquely combined with each other. Prevents skin pigmentation, slowing the development of melanin, which controls skin colour pigments. Pearls are almost 100% made of mineral salts. This mask strengthens blood circulation, improves skin colour and evens out its relief. Anti-ageing action helps to minimize the depth of wrinkles, strengthens skin turgor, preventing it from sagging.


Wipe the skin with toner. Distribute the mask on the skin, leave for 20-40 minutes. The remains of the essence massage into the skin. 


29 g

DryDull skin toneEtude HouseLarge poresLoose skinOilyPigmentationPost-acneSheet maskUnder $15Wrinkles

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