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Sale Elizavecca Water Coating Aqua Brightening Mask

Elizavecca Water Coating Aqua Brightening Mask

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Face mask

This mask is iconic for people whose skin suffers from frequent changes in temperature, and who spend a long time in a heated or air-conditioned room. The mask provides deep hydration for the skin, has a rejuvenating effect, restores and brightens the skin.

As part of the mask, an extract of sea grapes, as well as bamboo juice and baobab juice are the source of minerals, proteins and vitamins. They have a good detoxifying effect, activating metabolic processes in the cells, eliminating flabbiness of the skin, restoring its tone and elasticity, providing a lifting effect.

Extract of bamboo is a storehouse of silicic acid, which plays an important role in providing elasticity and firmness of the skin. It has an antibacterial, antioxidant effect, saturates the skin with vitamins and microelements, moisturizes it and improves the structure. Used as an anti-aging component, it reduces the puffiness of the skin and helps to fight wrinkles.

Extract of baobab helps to cope with the dryness of the skin, with its dullness and swelling, improves elasticity and softens it. It is one of the best natural anti-aging components: restores cell regeneration and metabolic processes, improves skin structure, tightens and strengthens it.

With a regular use of this mask, the skin will be optimally hydrated, and its tone will become smoother and lighter.


Apply the mask to the clean skin, paying more attention to the most problematic spots. Leave it on for no more than 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with a lukewarm water or use a tissue to remove the leftovers.


100 g

$50+ElizaveccaFace mask

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