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Sale Elizavecca Milky-Piggy Hydro-Gel Bouncy Eye Patch (20 sets)

Elizavecca Milky-Piggy Hydro-Gel Bouncy Eye Patch (20 sets)

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Eye patch

Compact and comfy patches for skin rejuvenation under the eyes area. Hydrogel melts with the body temperature, which creates a unique microclimate, accelerating blood circulation and filling the skin with moisturizing and nutritional components. Patches tighten and strengthen the skin, provide a good lifting action.

Contains: collagen, adenosine, aloe vera extract and other components useful for the skin.

Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and flat look of the skin, protects it from mechanical damage, supports active vital activity of epidermis layer. It compensates the loss of skin collagen and induces the body to produce it. By launching these processes at the cellular level, the patches help your skin to regenerate and renew, it becomes elastic and smooth again, with no wrinkles and pigmentation.

Adenosine regulates blood circulation and fulfills skin cells with energy, significantly increases the production of collagen and elastin, softens and tightens the skin, restores it after exposure to ultraviolet light, relaxes facial muscles, which helps to smooth wrinkles.

Aloe vera extract has a powerful restoring, revitalizing and rejuvenating effect, accelerates the healing of various skin inflammations and regeneration, improves metabolic processes and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.


Apply the patches under eyes and leave them for 2 hours, after time pass remove the patches, and rinse the leftovers with a lukewarm water.


40 patches (for 20 uses)

$10 - $50$30-50ElizaveccaEye patchSheet mask

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