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Sale COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

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CosRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball is a cleansing silk cocoon for the face. It effectively removes impurities, free pores, removes black spots and sebaceous plugs, enriches cells with vitamins, amino acids, and other important trace elements.

Active ingredients:

Silkworm thread. Cocoons are a completely natural product that consists of silkworm strands. They have a very beneficial effect on the skin, healing and soothing it. Sericin.

Sericin is a protein that is part of the silkworm strand. It has active anti-aging properties. Sericin smoothes wrinkles, slows down age-related changes, improves skin smoothness, firmness and elasticity.

Fibrils. The silkworm thread consists of fibrils - ultrafine filamentary fibers. They effectively rid the skin of dead cells, stretch gums and sebaceous plugs, and improve texture and complexion.

Benefits of using:

Cleansing. Cocoons effectively fight skin impurities, free pores, eliminate dryness and peeling, reduce the production of sebum, neutralize oily sheen, and make complexion brighter and more saturated.

Recovery. Cocoons saturate the skin with amino acids, normalize its microflora, stimulate tissue regeneration, slow down moisture evaporation, improve blood circulation and create reliable protection against adverse environmental influences.

Naturalness. Cocoons are a completely natural product without the use of synthetic impurities.

Therefore, they have a very beneficial effect on the skin condition, do not cause irritation, allergic reactions and other side effects. 


Dip the cocoon in hot water for a couple of minutes. When it gets wet, put it on your finger and wipe the skin with massage movements. The movements should not be too strong: gently roll the cocoon along the lines of the face, paying particular attention to the most problematic areas. One cocoon can be used a maximum of three times. After each use, it must be dried under natural conditions.  


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