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Sale COSRX Blackhead Removing Kit

COSRX Blackhead Removing Kit

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Nose patch

Three-step system for cleaning the pores from blackheads. It helps to steam out the skin, open the pores, effectively clean the pores from dirt and narrow them to make your skin look clean and fresh. The three-stage system consists of three plasters for the nose: 1 - opens the pores and dissolves sebum and blackheads. 2 - absorbs dirt and removes it. 3 - tightens the pores and softens the skin. Could be used on the nose or chin area.


1. Apply to the cleansed dry skin of the nose for 5 minutes, and then remove.

2. Apply the second patch and let it dry for 10 minutes, remove the patch.

3. Apply the last patch to close your pores, remove after 5 minutes. 


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