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Sale Benton Honest TT Mist

Benton Honest TT Mist

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Face mist

Skin of any type requires regular hydration. Too dry air in stuffy rooms, especially during the heating season, has a detrimental effect on the condition of the skin. Do not let it become dry and tight, do not allow peeling and early wilting - especially since the famous South Korean cosmetic brand Benton has a wonderful product in its arsenal! Green tea face spray has a liquid consistency and is completely transparent. With the Benton Honest TT Mist, you can moisturize your skin if necessary, even if you are away from home. Convenient microdispersed spray allows you to apply the product on the skin without contact with fingers or sponge. Hyaluronic acid and tea tree leaf extract included in the spray help to normalize the level of Ph. 


Spray at a distance of 30 cm, then gently pat your face with your hands, for better absorption. Use as needed when you feel dry skin. You can also use the spray immediately after makeup. 


40 ml

Water from tea tree leaves, sodium hyaluronate, tea tree extract, butylene glycol, juice from Barbados aloe leaves, glycerin, pink marshmallow flower extract (mallow), Barbados aloe leaf extract, beta-glucan, polyglutamic acid, rooibos extract, garden porcelain extract guava extract, japanese pepper fruit extract, Korean lumbago extract, lichen extract (sleepy bearded). BentonDryFace mistUnder $15

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