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Sale Benton Good Bye Redness Centella Mask Pack

Benton Good Bye Redness Centella Mask Pack

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Sheet mask

Fabric mask against inflammation and acne with Centella (Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Mask Pack), which effectively removes irritation, redness, cools and gives a long-lasting feeling of hydration. The base of the mask is made of tensel, a natural hypoallergenic fiber, very soft and silky to the touch. It has a convenient shape and fits perfectly to the face, providing maximum penetration into the skin of the beneficial substances contained in the essence, which is saturated with the mask. The mask is odorless, does not leave a sticky feeling, perfectly softens and moisturizes without overloading the skin. Recommended for dry, sensitive, irritated, dehydrated skin. The product does not contain: alcohol parabens, artificial colorings flavorings. 


Cleanse the skin from makeup and impurities, moisturize with toner. Apply the mask to the face, straighten it evenly, leave the mask for 20-25 minutes. After this, remove the mask, and massage the remaining essence into the skin. 


10 ea

$30-50BentonSheet mask

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