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Sale Urban Dollkiss My Panda Synergy Up Mask Pack

Urban Dollkiss My Panda Synergy Up Mask Pack

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Sheet mask
Urban Dollkiss

This cute panda mask helps to improve the condition of the skin and rejuvenate its appearance in a very short time. With continuous use, it gives an amazing result due to the synergistic effect, which is the combined action of the ingredients that make up the mask and enhance the impact of each other on the skin.

For example, hyaluronic acid, which maintains a moist skin condition by forming a thin film on its surface. The film absorbs water molecules from the environment and promotes its penetration into skin cells, preventing moisture loss. Hyaluronic acid, in addition, has reducing, disinfecting and healing properties.

Vitamin E fights free radicals, which have a harmful effect on the skin, and also protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, helping keep a young and healthy appearance for a long time. It also fights with inflammation, reduces allergic reactions, acne, relieves toxins, removes swelling under the eyes, smooths complexion.

The mask comes in two options: strengthening with collagen and soothing with witch hazel extract.


Apply to the skin after cleansing and toning, keep for 20 minutes, then remove and distribute the residue on the face.


30 g 

DryLoose skinSheet maskUnder $15Urban Dollkiss

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