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Sale A'PIEU Steam Eye Mask

A'PIEU Steam Eye Mask

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Body patch

A’PIEU Steam Eye Mask is a great way to relax before bedtime or on the go (when flying). Long trips and a rhythmic lifestyle negatively affect the delicate skin around the eyes. As a result, it becomes less elastic, dark circles appear under the eyes and small wrinkles. A mask patch from the Korean brand A’PIEU can help restore skin and restore its former radiance and tone. The mask is impregnated with a special plant elixir, the active components of which instantly penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis and start the recovery process from the inside. The skin instantly looks rested and refreshed, the color improves markedly, swelling and dark circles decrease. In addition, the mask solves the problem of oily sheen of the skin of the eyelids. The tool does not take up much space in your purse and will help to put yourself in order at any time, on an airplane or on a long business trip, you will look fresh and well-groomed. The product is suitable for daily use in the care of any type of skin and age category. The mask acts by heating and helps the skin relax. The heating temperature of the mask occurs gradually and does not cause skin overheating. 


Remove the mask from its packaging. Must use immediately. Place the mask on your closed eyes and fix it on the earlobes. After 20 minutes, remove the mask, its effect will slowly end. Suitable for single use. 


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A'PIEUBody patchUnder $15

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