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Sale A'PIEU Sea Buckthorn Cream

A'PIEU Sea Buckthorn Cream

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Face cream

A'PIEU Sea Buckthorn Cream quickly restores the skin tone, starts regeneration processes in cells, and saturates it with valuable elements. Enriched with buckthorn oil and other natural ingredients, A'PIEU Sea Buckthorn Cream gives vitality to your skin and aligns texture.

This cream includes a record amount of buckthorn oil - 40%. It restores the hydro-lipid barrier, perfectly moisturizes, copes with the problems of dryness and flaking, has a nourishing effect. Also increases the rate of skin regeneration and protects it from negative effects of free radicals, which serves as a prevention wrinkles. It has powerful anti-sore and soothing properties, helps to remove irritations and redness.


As a last step for your skin care regime, apply pea-sized amount on your face and neck. Put your hands on your face for few seconds better absorption.


50 ml

A'PIEUDryFace creamLoose skinUnder $15Wrinkles

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