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Sale A'PIEU Pack Flurry

A'PIEU Pack Flurry

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Face mask

A'PIEU Pack Flurry is a fun and effective skin care mask. The main task of the mask is to gently remove dead skin cells. After this treatment, the skin remains clean, soft and velvety. The mask is created in two kinds, united by similar active components. The base of both masks contains shea butter and cocoa beans oil as a main nutrient and emollient of the mask.

"Cookie&Cream" additionally moisturizes dry skin, helping to regulate the moisture level. Coconut and walnut shells act very gently and doesn’t irritate dried skin. This scrubbing mask also prevents rapid loss of moisture, keeping elasticity of the skin throughout the day.

"Mint Chocochip" perfectly refreshes tired skin, and can serve as a pleasant treat at end of hard day or help to wake up and return face brightness in the morning. The composition of the mask is enriched with kiwi and apricot seeds powder. Soft cleansing and freshness of tropical fruits perfectly describe this mask.


Apply gently to the dry face and massage to break the chocolate chips. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.


130 g

A'PIEUDryFace maskPigmentationUnder $15

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