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Sale A'PIEU Nonco Mastic Band Patch

A'PIEU Nonco Mastic Band Patch

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Face patch

Point mask-film from acne. Suitable for problematic skin with rashes. Has a moisturizing, bactericidal, soothing effect. It is recommended for the care of problematic, irritated skin areas. Efficient product for caring after problem skin, prone to regular rashes of acne.

Herbal extracts have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, accelerating the healing of skin irritations, prevent the entry of microbes into the wound and prevent the emergence of new inflammations. The mask contains an extract of mastic, an extract of Centella Asiatica, an extract of mallow, and an extract of aloe vera. 

The liquid gel is more flexible compared to the traditional patches and provides a better adhesion. 


Apply on the clean and dry skin (trouble spot). Wait until the gel dries. Keep it for 6-8 hours (or overnight), and peel it off.  


15 ml

A'PIEUAcneFace patchUnder $15

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