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Sale A'PIEU Coffee Lip Scrub

A'PIEU Coffee Lip Scrub

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Lip care

Coffee granules effectively remove dead skin cells and give silky lip care. The coffee beads cleanse the skin and stimulate blood flow, giving your lips softness and elasticity. A'PIEU Coffee Lip Scrub contains coffee extract, green tea seed oil and babassu oil. This plant complex provides skin care and nutrition, restores the moisturizing barrier. Caffeine reduces puffiness, improves blood microcirculation. Babassu oil is an antioxidant providing deep penetration into the skin layers and moisturizing the skin.

Ame_lip_cano: strong exfoliating effect;

Mocha_lip_chino: soft exfoliating effect.


Apply proper amount onto lips and massage. Use clean water or wet tissue to wipe out. Finish with lip balm for silky moist. 


5 g 

A'PIEUDryLip careUnder $15

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