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Sale Anskin Premium Modeling Mask 1 kg

Anskin Premium Modeling Mask 1 kg

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Face mask

Anskin Korean alginate masks are becoming increasingly popular. And this is not a surprise! The use of these masks allows getting a professional grooming procedure similar to the salon at home, thereby saving both time and money.

The unique component of the mask is an alginic acid, which can't be found in any terrestrial plants, berries or vegetables, but is extracted exclusively from algae. As part of the mask, alginic acid quickly binds water molecules and forms a gel-like substance rich in proteins, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Due to the most valuable composition, alginate mask has a great nourishing, moisturizing, lifting and modeling effect on the skin. In addition, it activates cell regeneration processes, accelerates collagen synthesis, promotes oxygen saturation, removes heavy metals and toxins from cells, tightens pores and reduces manifestations of couperose, eliminates irritation and flaking.

Alginic acid has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, therefore it is suitable for the care and for oily or problem skin of the face, helps to eliminate skin defects. Alginate mask has a powerful anti-aging effect, slows the aging process. After using the mask, the complexion improves, the skin tightens, gains tone, becomes elastic. Another very useful property of each alginate mask is its ability to enhance the effect of cosmetics that are applied to the skin before the mask is used: essences, serums, creams, etc. The hardened mask, forming a film impenetrable for air and water, exerts a slight pressure on the skin, helping the active ingredients of cosmetics penetrate the skin deeper. The new series of premium masks is presented in 7 options:

Anskin Revital Vitamin Modeling Mask - The high content of ascorbic acid, as well as vitamin E helps to restore the skin, improves its tone and gives brightness. The vitamin mask charges the skin cells with the necessary energy, enhances their oxygen supply, triggers enhanced regeneration processes, and also provides powerful antioxidant protection, preventing the processes of premature wilting. The mask contains hyaluronic acid, thanks to which the mask moisturizes the skin well. The mask can be used for any skin type, but is especially recommended for dull, dull and allergic skin.

Anskin Herb Lemongrass Modeling Mask - alginate mask for problem skin. The extract of Chilean schizandra allows you to gently and effectively care for problem skin, suffering from acne and comedones. The mask soothes the skin and accelerates the healing of acne, has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect, thereby preventing the appearance of new rashes, thereby healing the skin over and over again, making it more clean, well-groomed, eliminating redness. With regular use of the mask, the skin becomes more matte, fresh and firm.

Anskin Herb Lavender Modeling Mask - alginate mask for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin requires careful, delicate care. This kind of care is provided by a mask with lavender. It can be used for any type of skin, but for sensitive, irritated skin is simply indispensable. Itching, peeling, redness - lavender perfectly cope with these troubles and give the skin a feeling of freshness, comfort, relaxation. The mask will accelerate the healing of inflammation and allergic reactions, make the skin lighter, fresher, and well-groomed.

Anskin Snow White Modeling Mask - alginate brightening mask. Suitable for all skin types with excessive pigmentation of various origins. Age spots, redness, post-acne, dull, uneven skin tone - this is perfectly eliminated by the Anskin mask. The use of the mask will be even more effective with complex care and the use of brightening cream, essence and other products.

Anskin Morocco Ghassoul Modeling Mask - alginate mask for enlarged pores Moroccan gassoul clay of volcanic origin is a unique component in the composition of the alginate mask. Works especially well with the combination and oily skin, as well as skin with large pores. Moroccan clay normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, exfoliates dead skin cells, helps cleanse and narrow pores, has a disinfectant and antibacterial effect, is suitable for sensitive skin. The mask also eliminates flaking, improves complexion, improves skin elasticity, makes it smoother and evener. 

Anskin Spirulina Modeling Mask - moisturizing alginate soothing mask. Spirulina extract will help those whose skin suffers from redness, itching, peeling, has become dull, swollen, tired. Spirulina will fill such a skin with the power of vitamins and trace elements, energize every cell. The mask perfectly softens, soothes and slightly cools the skin, tightens pores, helps to increase its elasticity and elasticity. Improving micro blood circulation, the mask eliminates puffiness, relaxes tired skin. The mask also has an antioxidant and antioxidant effect, promotes the removal of toxins and toxins.

Anskin Dual Firming Modeling Mask - the double action of the mask helps to achieve truly great results. Sluggish, flabby, skin that has lost its elasticity under the influence of a mask regains its lost beauty and youth. Powerful anti-aging ingredients nourish and moisturize the skin, strengthen and tighten it, smooth and make it radiant. The mask is suitable for any skin type with the first signs of wilting, as well as a prevention of premature aging.



How Anskin Modeling Mask and Eleven Huesday Ultradeep Fluid Selection Ampoules work together:


1 kg

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