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Sale Anskin Natural Modeling Mask

Anskin Natural Modeling Mask

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Face mask

Alginate masks belong are professional cosmetics of the new generation. These products received their name due to alginic acid, which is their main component.   Alginic acid is found in brown algae and is not found anywhere else in nature. Alginic acid, when mixed with water, forms a gel, which contains many minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Due to their content, alginate masks have a pronounced lifting effect, moisturize and nourish the skin, stimulate metabolic processes and the production of collagen. Alginate masks and used for medicinal purposes to combat skin defects.

Alginic acid has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. The composition of the mask is able to penetrate the smallest cavities of the skin and have a beneficial effect. 



How Anskin Modeling Mask and Eleven Huesday Ultradeep Fluid Selection Ampoules work together:


450 g

$30-50AnskinFace mask

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