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Sale Agatha Premiere Lipstick

Agatha Premiere Lipstick

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The prettiest lipstick on earth is more than that! It contains 7 vegetable oils to create soft silky texture that is easy to apply. These oils contain vitamins A, D, E and fatty acids for outstanding moisture and lip care. This premium lipstick collection features a selection of modern shades with a classic finish.

Palette consists of 8 base colors: Etoile Red, Elegance Rose, Clair Orange, Ange Pink, La Vie En Rose, Mimi Pink, Labelle Coral, and Charmant Brown.

And 4 top colors. These shades are applied on top of your base lipstick and create a new tone! Top colors are: Fluor Mint, Mood Violet, Magie Gold and Neige Silver.


Fill out the entire lip area for a bold look. Or you may apply an appropriate amount to inner part of the lips to create gradation.


1 lipstick. Lipstick case not included. 


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