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Sale A:T FOX Jasoyup Tea Soothing Capsule Cream

A:T FOX Jasoyup Tea Soothing Capsule Cream

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Face cream

Soothing face cream instantly transforms the skin, making it radiant and smooth. The formula of the product is enriched with an extract of squeezed herbal tea, plant antioxidants and beta-carotene, due to which the cream:

  • returns the lost tone and properties of elasticity to the skin of the face, saturating the cell matrix with useful microelements;
  • calms, eliminating external signs of redness, inflammation, keratinization;
  • activates natural regenerative processes, promoting rapid and productive healing of microscopic cracks;
  • smooths the epidermal layer and smoothes the outer surface of the epithelium, making a mesh of facial wrinkles almost imperceptible;
  • has an antibacterial effect, localizing the effect of pathogenic microorganisms that provoke the appearance of acne.

Soothing face cream literally slides over the skin, delicately moisturizes and gives it a youthful glow. The product doesn't leave a greasy film, so it is suitable as a base for decorative makeup. The composition contains no mineral oils, animal additives, and derivatives of petrochemical products. The cream is recommended for use on all skin types.


Apply to clean skin as the last step of your skincare routine. 


50 ml 

$15-30A:T FOXAcneDamaged skinDryFace creamPost-acneRednessScarsSensitive

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