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Sale A:T FOX Gyoolpy Tea White Chocolate Soap

A:T FOX Gyoolpy Tea White Chocolate Soap

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Face soap

Face washing soap with an extract of Japanese tea Gyoolpy effectively cleanses and moisturizes the skin, and its refreshing, pleasant fragrance remains for a long time. This soap turns into a soft thick foam, moisturizes the skin, taking care of its health and youth. Thanks to the content of natural oils from fruits and medicinal plants, the product protects the skin from the appearance of negative environmental factors, giving it a feeling of absolute relaxation. What is Japanese Gyoolpy Tea? In eastern medicine, Japanese tea Gyoolpy wass called "dried citrus peel." Thanks to the fact that tea is rich in vitamins, it perfectly cares for your skin.


Lather up, gently massage over your face and wash off with warm water. 


45 g 

A:T FOXDryFace soapPigmentationPost-acneUnder $15

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