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Sale A:T FOX Gyoolpy Tea Water Cream

A:T FOX Gyoolpy Tea Water Cream

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Face cream

Excellent skincare product for skin care from the Korean brand of exclusive cosmetics A:T FOX. The product comes in a convenient container of unusual design: it resembles a pretty cake-cupcake. This creative approach, combined with the use of unusual, but effective components, has provided this brand to fans all over the world.

The product has a light translucent gel-like texture, it is well absorbed into the skin, has a fresh pleasant aroma and a gentle lemon tinge. The formula is simple but effective. The main ingredient is the extract of Gyoolpy, the Japanese tea, which has found a wide application in Japanese medicine.

Thanks to this component, saturated with vitamin C and other bioactive substances, the skin becomes moist, fresh, acquires a healthy blush, tone and inner radiance. After application, the face becomes smooth and elastic. At the time of application, the gel slightly cools the skin, but without going beyond comfort. It can be used both as a daily product and overnight.

Suitable mainly for the dry and normal skin. On combined or oily skin, it can leave a sticky sensation that passes after washing.


Apply to clean skin as the last step of your skincare routine. 


50 ml 

$15-30A:T FOXAcneDryDull skin toneFace creamNormal

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