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Sale 3W CLINIC Premium Placenta Soft Peeling Gel

3W Clinic Premium Placenta Soft Peeling Gel

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Peeling gel
3W Clinic

Peeling gel with Papaya extract gently removes the upper layer of dead cells, improves skin regeneration and improves micro-circulation. Prolonged use helps to remove signs of burns and scratches, gently polishing your face. It also perfectly nourishes and regenerates skin, removes small wrinkles, acne, and doesn't irritate skin.

Aloe vera and placenta extracts help to restore firmness and elasticity, moisturizes and helps retaining natural properties of skin, smooths wrinkles and tightens skin.

Due to natural cellulose contained in the peeling gel, dead skin cells are removed gently and easily, and papaya extract and aloe soothes and moisturizes skin.


You can use this gel not only on your face but also the body. Apply a small amount of product on your skin and massage without major pressure, increasing pressure only around the least sensitive and most porous, calloused areas of chin, forehead, nose, neck and decollete. You can also use it for rough skin elbows, knees.


180 ml

$15-303W ClinicCombinationDryDull skin toneLarge poresLoose skinNormalOilyPeeling gelPigmentationWrinkles

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