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Sale Labiotte Chateau Labiotte Wine Eyeshadow Palette

Labiotte Chateau Labiotte Wine Eyeshadow Palette

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Eye shadow

The Labiotte Chateau brand has pushed this cute shimmer palette to us not long ago to become an instant hit. Labiotte is known for adding wine compositions into their products, and the palette is not an exception. It contains only shimmering colors. Each color is highly pigmented and the shimmer itself is glowy but not vulgar. Most of video reviews show that each swatched color looks good and saturated. Contains: vine extracts and pearl powder. Vine is for flat and silky look and the pearl powder -for that brilliant shimmering cover. Palette contains 8 incredible colors and has 2 types:

  • Dry wine - nude tones with green and chocolate colors;
  • Sweet wine - contains delicious bright tones such as nude beige, bright pink and luxury gold colors. 


Use the wide side of the enclosed brush to apply the base color. Add a point color to deepen your eye make-up. 


8.8 g 

$30-50Eye shadowLabiotte

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