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In this article you can find out how to use your Anskin Modeling Mask.

Typically, modeling masks are applied on the entire face including neck, lip and eye area. To do this, you need approximately 25-30 grams of mask.

Before applying the alginate mask, thoroughly clean your face with your favorite cleansing product. Then wipe your face with a tonic and apply a concentrate skin care product (serum or ampoule). Alginate mask will create a tight layer on your skin and allow deeper penetration of active ingredients of your serum.

Finally, 7 easy application steps. They might sound like a lot for a newbie, but results will convince you they are totally worth it!

Ideally, you'd need a spatula and a bowl.

1. The first thing you need to do is to measure required amount of alginate (approximately 25-30 grams) and put it into your bowl.

2. Then dilute this powder with pure water at room temperature in a ratio of approximately 1: 1.5 (1 part of the mask and 1.5 parts water) and mix thoroughly with a spatula for uniform texture.

3. Wear a disposable cap on your head to protect hair.

4. Alginate mask could be applied with somebody's help or on your own. If you're applying it yourself, it is best to do it standing in front of a large mirror. The mask should be applied quickly, massaging gently from the center to the outer corners of your face, leaving open only the nostrils. If you procrastinate, the mask will begin to solidify in the bowl and it will be hard to apply it. The first time could be challenging to do it fairly quickly, but over time you will learn how to apply this mask without any problem.

Like we mentioned before, the mask is applied on the whole face for better results. Cover one eye after another. It feels scary in the beginning, but it's very easy after the first time. Do it near the couch where you are going to lie down.

5. Alginate mask is left on the face for 20-25 minutes. lay down and listen to pleasant music, try to relax. Try not to move for best results. If you are home alone, put a timer on your phone before applying the mask.

6. After 20-25 minutes, unplug the edges of dried mask slightly, and carefully remove the mask from the bottom up. The mask comes off easily unlike normal peeling off masks. If it doesn't come off in one peace, the left overs can be removed with a cotton pad soaked in tonic. Don't wash your face.

7. At the end of the procedure apply your daily face cream. This mask could be used before going to bed or any other time of the day. Many women like to use it before going out. Makeup can be applied on the top of your daily face cream.

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