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This page describes all Alginate Mask Types

  • Vitamin C - for dull tired skin, dark circles and blemishes. Contains vitamins E and C, supplies oxygen to the skin, helps cell regeneration and provides excellent whitening effect for dull skin, dark circles and blemishes. Vitamin C improves skin tone, making your skin elastic and bright.
  • Green Tea - for sensitive skin, trouble skin, dark and droopy skin. Green tea extracts keep skin youthful, clear and help to maintain the health thanks to masks rich ingredients such as vitamin E. Catechin (from green tea) prevents skin oxidation and suppresses black marks generated by UV rays.
  • Aroma - for dry and sensitive skin. Contains olive extracts keeping skin young because of its rich ingredients such as vitamin E. Helps to maintain skin clean and healthy.
  • Charcoal - for oily skin with lots of impurities and wider pores. Removes sebum excess to maintain your skin clean and beautiful. Absorbs unnecessary oil, exfoliates your skin effectively to maintain skin tone bright. Removes contaminants, sebum, and other impurities.
  • AC Control - for troubled, dry skin, irritated by makeup products and other external factors. Helps cell regeneration, calms and moisturizes. Promotes skin elasticity and flexibility.
  • Collagen - Anti-aging. Contains marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, prevents skin oxidation and skin sagging, skin droop and aging. Helps to maintain skin elasticity, shine, and moisture.
  • Pearl - for dark skin with blemishes and freckles. Contains 20 amino acids and 28 minerals to help blood circulation, cell regeneration, aging prevention and whitening. Helps to effectively improve sun tanned skin, dull skin and lots of blemishes to bright and improve rough skins.
  • Cool Ice - for tired, irritated skin that really needs soothing. Provides soft and cool feeling, excellent for recovering fatigue, promotes blood circulation and tightens pores. Helps to maintain skin elasticity and gives it calming and refreshing feeling.
  • Aloe - for irritated skin. Contains a variety of ingredients such as aloe, amino acids, saponins, minerals and Allantoin, licorice extract. Has outstanding effects on improving skin, soothing and calming it by supplying nutrients.