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About us

Elena, Irina, Boris sit together

Korean Kiwi Beauty is online shop selling korean cosmetics products globally.

We carefully select the stock, and our goal is to provide the best quality, adequate prices and safe shipment on all orders. We believe that our relationship with customers doesn't end after the payment and we are always happy to answer your questions and hear any feedback. We hope you enjoy Korean cosmetics as much as we do.

KKB is 100% NZ owned and operated, based in Auckland, New Zealand and Seoul, Korea. All our products are 100% original and genuine, ready to be shipped across NZ, Australia and internationally.

member of chamber of commerce

Elena's Story

Elena with two products

K-beauty hit me first when I saw early signs of aging. Pigmentation, fine wrinkles and dull skin tone - I didn't invite any of these. Being 29, I still feel like 18 and I don't want my skin to age anytime soon. The first products I've bought were Tomatox and Egg Pore Soap by TonyMoly. I just really wanted to see what K-beauty was about and very little did I know about it.

Both products felt like magic to my skin and I needed more. We soon had to buy an Ikea shelf to accommodate my new Korean friends in the bathroom. Surprisingly this haul (and many of them) didn't make me bankrupt even after I've changed all of my skin care products and makeup stuff to Korean. Premium Western brands I used to buy for years were given away without regret.

Korean cosmetics were making my beauty life better and better as time went past but there was one challenge: finding full information and product reviews in English. Often I would find myself turning beautiful packages of unknown products over and over in my hands and wondering how do I use them on earth. A lot of time and effort has been put into accumulating useful information to share with my offline friends and, finally, you, online beauties.

I believe that harsh sun and mercy free UV lights are our skin's worst enemies in NZ, and Korean skin care products will help us fight those.

Elena loves: Korean cosmetics, everything bright, meeting new people and all the dogs in the world.

Elena has oily skin, prone to clogging and breakouts. Her favorite Korean products are: Aloe Soothing Gels, Soda Pore BB Deep Cleansing Oil, Black Sugar Scrub, Snail Recovery Gel, Hair Fillers

Irina's Story


I'm originally from Nakhodka, the port city close to Korea. After being introduced to Korean cosmetics by my parents as a teen, I've been using it ever since. I like to combine Korean skincare products with Korean and Western makeup brands.

My skin has always been dry and sensitive, and I'm very picky what I apply on my face. My skin condition has significantly improved over years, and I sincerely believe this is due to regular multi-step Korean skincare. My main aim right now is to maintain healthy beautiful skin and prevent aging.

Irina loves: Korean cosmetics, yoga, farmers markets and waking up early.

Irina has dry sensitive skin. Her favorite Korean products are: Lip Mask, Water Sleeping Mask, Super Origin Collagen BB, and Banila Co Cleansing Cream.

Boris' story


Boris is the technical guy making sure everything works. If something is glitching we call: Boris!

And not to forget! Chiquita, Malina, Matilda and Toli -

Our much-loved dogs, making sure there's always a good atmosphere and positive vibes around Korean Kiwi Beauty, woof woof.


- Korean Kiwi Beauty