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Sale Missha Super Off Cleansing Oil Dry Ness Off

Missha Super Off Cleansing Oil Dry Ness Off


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Cleansing oil

Very often, after washing, many experience discomfort when there is a feeling of tightness and even itching. For those with dry or very dry skin, it is very difficult to find a comfortable cleansing. MISSHA Super Off Cleansing Oil (Dryness Off) is the perfect choice for dry skin, thanks to carefully selected ingredients and a gentle formula. Deeply cleanses the skin and removes blackheads.


Apply the required amount of hydrophilic oil using your hands to dry face and massage gently to dissolve makeup and impurities. Moisten your hands with water and continue massaging until the butter turns milky. Then wash off with warm water. There is no need to use an additional cleanser (foam) as this hydrophilic oil can clean both makeup residues and other types of dirt.


305 ml

$15-30Cleansing oilDryMissha

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