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TonyMoly x Samyang Hot Edition Line Review
elena lezhneva
TonyMoly x Samyang Hot Edition Line Review

TonyMoly has always been famous for the exceptional packaging design, but this time they well jumped over the head. Say hello to the new limited edition collaboration with Samyang Food’s Buldak Spicy Chicken Ramen. The dish has been popular among South Koreans since the early 2000s.

The limited edition collection includes the facial cover cushion, blusher, lip tint and lip balm. All products are contained in specially designed containers, resembling the famous noodles.

TonyMoly Hot Edition Hot Cover Chicken Cushion (comes with a refill) - comes in two shades: Vanilla and Beige. Both shades are very light (traditional shade 21). Vanilla has a pink undertone, Beige - beige/yellowish. Thick cover with a moist finish - just like most TonyMoly cushions. Emphasizes large pores. Hides flaking skin. Would recommend for dry skin!

TonyMoly Hot Edition Noodle Blusher - comes in two shades: Carbolighter (Highlighter) and Fire Red (Blush/Eye Shadow). Carbolighter is hardly visible, it has a strange texture and is very difficult to blend/apply. Fire Red, despite of looking scary bright, is a really cool blush shade actually! You only need a wee bit (like 5 times less than what I used on the video) on your cheeks to transfer the dull skin. Perfect for people who like the natural blush. Koreans also use this shade on the eyelids. Unfortunately, it makes me look like an albino rabbit.

TonyMoly Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint - comes in two shades: Hot Red and Cheese Red (Slightly Orangy) - very nice tints: highly pigmented, and not drying. They don't last the whole day and do fade after eating, but do it in a very elegant uniform way. Neutral smell and okay taste (not pleasant, not disgusting).

TonyMoly Hot Edition Lip Care Stick - transparent lip balm with a neutral scent. Very intensive, yet not sticky. I like it a lot and use both in the morning and in the evening.

I do like all of these products after using them for 4 weeks and feel confident recommending them!

- Elena for Korean Kiwi Beauty

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