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TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack review
elena lezhneva
TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack review

Finally, decided to try TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack to combat my blackheads and acne around the nose and chin. TonyMoly promises deep skin cleansing and absorption of excess oil, narrowing the pores and elimination of blackheads. The composition of the mask includes coal and other useful ingredients that have an anti-ageing effect and accelerate the processes of skin regeneration. The mask shouldn't overdry the skin and or cause unpleasant sensations during use.

You can buy TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack here: SHOP.

TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack

The consistency of the mask resembles a viscous substance, without a strong odour, and it's pleasant to touch. The product is easy to apply and blend over the skin. A tiny amount is enough to cover the nose and chin. A 50 ml tube should be enough for about 5 applications.  

TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack

After application, there were no unpleasant sensations. The mask felt smooth and slightly cool. After 10-15 minutes it began to harden and lightly tighten the skin. The sensations were similar to the effect of clay masks. The tension wasn't strong, barely noticeable. 

I kept the mask for 30 minutes, as indicated on the package. By the end of the procedure, the product solidified completely and turned into a thin film, which was easy to peel off from the skin of the face.  

TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack

When peeling off, there was a slight tension on the skin. The mask seemed to stick to the skin a bit, but the sensations were pleasant and absolutely painless. I managed to remove the entire mask in one easy movement. Small leftovers were easy to wash off with a sponge soaked in water.

On the back side of the film, I could see the traces of removed contaminants. Right after the after the removal of the mask, there was a slight redness on the skin, which disappeared after 5-10 minutes.  

When I checked my pores, I could see they became more clean and narrow. I'd say approximately 1/3 of all the contaminants in my pores were removed with only a single application. The skin felt hydrated and there was no desire to cover the face with a face cream immediately. 

TonyMoly Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Pack

In my opinion, Tako Pore mask is an excellent product for face cleaning at home. Most of the promises given by TonyMoly in the description of the product really worked effectively at the very first application. The price is super affordable too. I would definitely recommend Tako Pore for daily skin care. 

Julia for Korean Kiwi Beauty 


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