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Thermal or floral: is it important, what type of water is used in your skincare?
elena lezhneva
Thermal or floral: is it important, what type of water is used in your skincare?

Water nearly always takes one of the first positions in the composition of almost all cosmetic products - it determines whether the product is liquid or not, saturated or light, what its odor and shelf life be. Therefore, it's very important what kind of water is used in a cream, serum or toner. Let's see how different types of water work.

Ice water

ice water

Glacial water is considered to be one of the cleanest in the world. Unlike rain, which passes through the impurity-laden atmosphere along the way to the earth, or water from the soil, glacial water stays still and clean for tens of thousands of years. The content of mineral salts in glacial water is about 0.4 mg per liter (which is very little). This water doesn't contain magic properties, often claimed by marketers, it's just very, very pure. So, the chances that the hypersensitive skin will react to it by dryness, irritation or redness, remains minimal.

Flower water

flower water

Hydrolat or floral water is a byproduct of the production of essential oils. The solution is passed through the steam distillation, then cooled. The resulting liquid is naturally divided into two layers: light oil and heavy water. After all these processes, the water is full of aromatic substances from the plants. Flower water can be pink, lavender, chamomile and so on.

This water is claimed to have various properties: antiseptic, antioxidant, moisturizing, refreshing and soothing. The properties of particular hydrolats depend on the plant it is made from: in theory, rose water reduces inflammation and hydrates, lavender soothes and disinfects. Daisy water is recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. Floral water could be used alone as a toner, refreshing spray and to hydrate the clay and tissue masks or as a cosmetic ingredient, instead of ordinary water. This water improves product efficiency, without changing its structure drastically.

Thermal water

thermal water

Thermal water is sourced from warm water springs with particles of different minerals. Thermal water is different from the mineral thanks to its temperature. Thermal water should reach twenty degrees Celsius or higher at any time of year. This occurs when the source of water is in the zone of volcanic activity or lies so deep that it reaches the warm rock layers.

Thermal water saturated with minerals from the soil. Composition depends on the specific source. Their use is controversial: the particle size may vary, and the large ones will most likely remain on the skin surface. Several independent studies show that the use of thermal water can speed up the regeneration of tissues and relieve pain. Thermal water is used alone or as a base of skincare products.

Grape water

grape water

August is the most grape month of the year. And while some are happy with the opportunity to eat them up to the heap, others ruthlessly squeeze berries for wine. In the process of winemaking, a by-product, grape water is produced. Dark (red, black and violet) grape varieties are saturated with natural phytoalexin resveratrol - a chemical compound that plants produce to protect against bacteria and fungi. By a happy coincidence, it is also an antioxidant - in other words, it can bind free radicals that oxidize hydrocarbons, acids, and fats and thus damage the cells of the body.

Grape water is not the only source of antioxidants. Vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, flavin, and flavonoids, which are derived from vegetables, and tannin, which is contained in coffee and tea contain antioxidants too. South Korean companies are already selling products with water, derived from artichokes and coconut.

There is every reason to believe that vegetable and fruit waters will soon move from your dinner table to the shelf of your bathroom.

- Korean Kiwi Beauty

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