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NEWS — sunscreen

Sunscreen experiment from the Mahidol University, Thailand

elena lezhneva 65 Comments
This blog post is a description of the experiment that explains why sunscreen should be re-applied every 2 hours outdoors and once a day if you work in the office. The description of the study and the summary were kindly provided by Yulia Gagarina.
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9 Simple Rules for Sunscreen Application

elena lezhneva
We shall never forget about the importance of sunscreen application! Fortunately, modern sunscreen products are very convenient to use. Here, we'll tell you about nine tips, which will help to use sun protection with the maximum comfort.
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SPF filters: the good and the evil - are sunscreens dangerous?

elena lezhneva
Recently, there was a lot of speculation in the media about sun protection products, their quality, and ingredients. Hot discussion arose in the comments and we received a lot of emails as a result too. The topic was so exciting, we decided to seek an independent cosmetologist advice and share this useful information with you. We hope you find i...
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