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NEWS — k-beauty

Truth Behind K-Beauty

elena lezhneva 1 Comment
Despite the sluggish world economy, the global cosmetics market continues to grow thanks to the high growth of the Asian, Korean in particular, market. Domestic cosmetics production in Korea grew by more than 13% last year due to the continued expansion of exports and rapid growth in the domestic market. And while we are mostly interested in the...
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Korean skincare for oily skin

elena lezhneva
Oily skin has one significant advantage among other skin types. It has the highest level of protection against negative environmental factors and premature ageing as it is able to produce natural protective lipid film on its own. Oily skin is usually thicker and stronger, it is less prone to wrinkles and rosacea. Unfortunately, oily skin also h...
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K-Beauty Must-Haves You Should Try!

elena lezhneva
A couple of years ago, Korean cosmetics started winning the European market. Even girls used to luxury and professional cosmetics set eyes on unique products from the country of morning freshness. If you still haven't tried out these awesome products, we will show you where to start! Beauty bloggers were the first to introduce Korean beauty pro...
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