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NEWS — etude house

Etude House Glow on Base Reviews

elena lezhneva
Makeups bases and primers prepare your skin for a better foundation application. They bluer fine lines and wrinkles, fill in large pores, and overall prepare the skin for the actual makeup. They make the skin silky smooth so that foundation glides on smoothly and lasts for long. These products can have little or no color depending on their purpose.
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Etude House 3-Minutes Care Line Review

elena lezhneva
The new line from Etude House is targeted for people who like to do skincare in the morning and don't have much time to invest. The brand currently developed 3 products to solve this problem.
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Etude House Hair Secret Dry Shampoo Sheets review

elena lezhneva
Eating without gaining weight and having beautiful hair without washing it every day are my top girly dreams. Are they yours? No surprise, I was beyond excited to test the new Hair Secret line from Etude House.
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