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NEWS — cleansing

Beauty Waters are dangerous?

elena lezhneva 102 Comments
Beauty water is a very popular skincare product, and many of you probably have a bottle at home and maybe even use it every day. This product is often advertised as a facial cleanser that doesn't require washing off. However, most experts say the opposite.
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Enzyme powder

elena lezhneva
We will never get tired of introducing you to the new Korean cosmetics! This article we dedicate to the new type of skin cleanser - enzyme powder. We will tell you what it is, how it works, how to use it correctly.
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Face cleansing - everything you need to know: what, when and how!

elena lezhneva
Face cleansing is the most important ritual of skincare routine. The way your skin absorbs moisturizing products and the way it ages depends a lot on the way you cleanse. If you don't feel like a cleansing expert, check this blog post where we address the most common questions and doubts.
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