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NEWS — acne

Favorite Troiareuke products

elena lezhneva 67 Comments
Troiareuke is a professional prescription skincare brand from Korea. Originally, they only sold to professional beauty spas (which the brand still does). However, due to a very popular demand, several years ago they started selling most of these products for home care too.
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Magic outside of Hogwarts: How to apply retinol to help the skin

elena lezhneva
Retinol is currently one of the most well-studied cosmetic ingredients and one of the few whose effectiveness for mature skin has been clinically confirmed by a huge number of studies. Nevertheless, there are many nuances in its use. We tried to figure them out with the help of experts of cosmetic chemistry.
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New technology: self-dissolving microneedles in cosmetics.

elena lezhneva 1 Comment
What’s the biggest challenge of all skincare products and active ingredients? The correct answer is penetration. The skin is the largest human organ and consists of three functional layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutis. It has a wide variety of functions. One major task of the skin is to protect the organism from water loss and mechanical, ch...
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Enzyme powder

elena lezhneva
We will never get tired of introducing you to the new Korean cosmetics! This article we dedicate to the new type of skin cleanser - enzyme powder. We will tell you what it is, how it works, how to use it correctly.
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