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Snail mucus - yam or yak?
elena lezhneva
Snail mucus - yam or yak?

Snail mucus (also called mucin and snail slime) was discovered in South America in the 20s. On a farm, growing snails for French restaurants, one of the workers noticed that the skin of the hands of employees looked young and smooth even in adulthood. In addition, minor scratches and skin lesions healed many times faster than on other people. This observation quickly became interesting for scientists who then began to study the wonderful properties of snail mucus and conducted a research which lasted 15 years. The research was followed up by the publications in the press and scientific magazines.

If you were now going to put a snail on your face and hope for the miracle, we have to disappoint you. Firstly, in the production of cosmetic products they use a filtered extract of slime. Secondly, snails produce two types of mucus. The first one is used to move and slide. It doesn't contain useful elements in the required concentration. The second type of mucus is produced in times of danger (stress) or for wound healing. It's precisely the one used by modern cosmetologists.

It's important to note that the snails used for the production of mucin for cosmetic products don't suffer and don't die in the process of obtaining it. They are kept on the special farms and provided with extra care. To get the required kind of mucin, several snails are placed in a special box, subjected to a slight shaking to temporarily put them in a stressful state. Then they are moved back to the farm, and the accumulated mucus on the walls is collected and filtered by special devices.

The quality of extracted mucin depends on many factors: the temperature regime, the season and the diet of the snails. So don't be surprised why two mucin-based creams can have quite different prices and effects.

The method of producing mucus and synthesizing mucin is very expensive. Therefore, the products based on it can't be cheap.

snail mucus

Why is snail mucin useful?

Mucin is rich in elastin, collagen (similar to the human), glycolic and hyaluronic acids. Creams based on this component intensively moisturize, restore healthy tone, rejuvenate and promote accelerated skin regeneration.

It's interesting to note the fact that the human skin reacts to damage with inflammation and irritation, while snails when in stress begin to produce more mucus, rich in antimicrobial peptides and antioxidants that trigger accelerated regeneration processes. That's why the use of mucin is so common in the products for problem skin.

In addition, mucin stimulates the activity of fibroblasts responsible for the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers. Mucin helps the dermis to withstand the aggressive effects of free radicals, which stimulate the destruction of collagen in cells.

If you use the snail mucus together with peptides, you are getting the real youth elixir. It has been clinically proven that the use of products with snail mucus significantly improves the appearance, smoothness, and elasticity of the skin, and reduces the total number of wrinkles by 29%, and the depth of wrinkles by 16%.

It is also worth noting that the snail mucus is saturated with vitamins A, B, E, etc. These elements are responsible for cleansing the skin of toxins, regenerating tissues, moisturizing and retaining moisture in the body.

Snail creams also have other effects. For example, these products are excellent in fighting inflammation and flaking. However, it's worth noting that the main task of mucin is the process of cell renewal, making it an excellent healing and rejuvenating ingredient. Therefore, if you need moisturizing, then along with a snail mucus cream, you need to use additional moisturizers, especially in the autumn-winter period.

snail mucus

Who will benefit from the snail mucus products and how to use it correctly?

Cosmetic products with mucin are recommended, first of all, for people with dehydrated, dull and fading skin, especially the age range of 35-40 years. Snail mucus perfectly nourishes and tightens the skin.

Always check the product on a small area of your wrist. If within 24 hours you don't develop discomfort or irritation, then the product could be used safely.

Snail mucus moisturizers should be applied in a thin layer and in a small amount. They have a unique texture - stretchy and viscous. Excessive application of the cream can nourish the skin too much, which will stimulate the accelerated release of oily shine.

It is important to know that it isn't recommended to use mucin-based creams as a base or a primer for makeup, especially if you use South Korean BB creams. Because of the viscosity of the snail mucus, your foundation can roll down on your skin. It's best to use snail mucin products as a night cream. However, if you want to use a snail cream twice a day, then apply your foundation not earlier than half an hour after using the snail mucus cream.

Miracles happen but not instantly! Any skincare product has a cumulative effect. It's necessary to use the product regularly for 2-2.5 months to see the effect. Only after this time, you can confidently make the right conclusions.

- Korean Kiwi Beauty

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