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Sleeping with makeup - experiment you should not repeat. Ever.
elena lezhneva
Sleeping with makeup - experiment you should not repeat. Ever.

A couple of years ago the British journalist Anna Pursglove participated in the very brave experiment. Anna decided to check whether cosmetic companies were lying to us, saying that cosmetics should be washed off. According to surveys, one-third of women don't remove their makeup before bed at least twice a week because they think that "nothing will happen". So Anna made her mind to check it and she voluntarily refused to wash her face for a month!

The experiment plan was as follows: Anna would take a shower every morning, that is, water will fall on her face, but exactly for a month she would refuse cleaning her face with soap and will apply makeup over the old one. Well, has this given you creeps already?

To begin with, Anna (who is 40 years old) went to a dermatologist to analyze her skin at the start and to take the "before picture". Here's how the author describes his daily routine: light foundation, mascara, eyeliner and a lip gloss.

"The first day was very hot and I desperately wanted to wash and apply a moisturizer, but I went to bed with a full make-up. In the morning, it seemed to me that my pillow case had suffered more than I - except for eye irritation and clumps of mascara on the eyelashes, I looked relatively normal. I applied a new layer of makeup. But already on the third day, the picture changed: small white pimples appeared on the eyelids, and the skin became so dry that it began to resemble a mask. Examination of the skin with a magnifying mirror showed that it became rough and began to flake and peel off, looking like a poorly plastered wall." - says Anna.

In a desperate attempt to improve the condition of the skin, Anna applied a moisturizer directly over her multi-layer make-up, but it gave nothing but dirt on the pillow.

sleeping with makeup

"My eyelashes, meanwhile, have become so twisted that they began to resemble two mono-eyelashes, it became very difficult to apply mascara. I tried to brush and separate the eyelashes, but it led to their loss - I began to fear that all my eyelashes would fall out."

On the 10th day, Anna woke up and realized that one of her eyes was swollen. She was afraid that she was blind, but the ophthalmologist assured her that nothing terrible had happened, her eyelash just turned down. Weeks passed, lips dried mercilessly, the skin cracked painfully. "I was afraid that I caused irreparable damage to my skin," Anna writes. "I had huge pores, dry cracked skin on my face and around my lips, red eyes. The white pimples around my eyes looked like dandruff from my eyelashes."

The dermatologist made a verdict that the skin is seriously dehydrated, the process of its renewal was suspended, the pores have significantly expanded. Experts estimated that the skin "biologically aged for 10 years." Anna was afraid that this was the final verdict and she could do nothing to return the skin to the state in which she had been before this experiment. However, she was reassured that as soon as she starts to take care of the skin again, she will return to normal.

The conclusion that the author made was "I will never go to sleep with makeup again."

You can read the full article here: Daily Mail

- Korean Kiwi Beauty

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