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Purederm Galaxy Peel-Off Mask review
elena lezhneva
Purederm Galaxy Peel-Off Mask review

Have you seen the cosmic design peel off masks yet? They promise deep cleansing and exfoliation of pores, brightened skin tone and beautiful selfies! Our friend Yulia agreed to test them and comment of the promises. Please find her review below.

You can also find the full list of ingredients here: Purederm Galaxy Peel-Off masks

Purederm Galaxy Peel-Off masks

I finally decided to try these galaxy masks as a part of my daily skin care routine. Purederm promises us gentle peel, cleansing the skin of impurities and dead skin cells, rich nutrition and moisture.

The mask is premixed and it looks like a silver gel. One pack (10 g) is barely enough for one use. I had to use it very economically to cover the entire face. Furthermore, it comes without a spatula and I had some trouble applying the product. Eventually, I managed to apply the mask with help of my own spatula because I needed a thin layer of the mixture on my face as per instructions. Which would be quite hard to achieve with bare hands.

Purederm Galaxy Peel-Off masks

Immediately after application, there were no unpleasant sensations. Following the 10-15 minutes, the mask began to harden and lightly tightening the skin.  

I kept the mask on for 20 minutes, as indicated on the package. By the end of the procedure, the product solidified completely and turned into a thin film, which was a little difficult to peel off because it stuck to the skin densely. I felt strong tension on the skin while removing it from my face. 

Purederm Galaxy Peel-Off masks

Eventually, I managed to remove the entire mask in one piece. Small leftovers were easy to wash off with a sponge soaked in water.  

Purederm Galaxy Peel-Off masks

In conclusion, after the procedure, my skin looked cleaner, softer and smoother but it was so hard to apply and peel off the mask that I barely wanted to do it again. However, I would recommend this product if you want to achieve an effect of a well-maintained skin really quickly. For example, on the eve of some special event. 

- Yulia for Korean Kiwi Beauty 


fat carol
this product burned my skin

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