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Preparing skin for makeup
elena lezhneva
Preparing skin for makeup

How to prepare the skin for makeup, which will last the whole day.

Preparation for makeup is the most important makeup step. Fortunately, nowadays there are heaps of products to make the skin supple before applying the tone. We know what products and techniques will help create the best base for makeup, and what products can be skipped completely.


Son & Park Beauty Water

Clean skin is more likely to absorb hydration. Plus, if your face isn't clean, brushes and sponges will spread contamination all over the face. Tonics and lotions are your perfect helpers. They also improve the conductivity of subsequent products, and their additional functions range from moistening to mild exfoliation. Products with a small acid content are good for the oily skin preparation.

Products for the deep cleansing, for example, scrubs and peelings should be better postponed. The skin shouldn't be over-dried before makeup.

Matting tonics and toners are not much use either. They remove the sebum just like other cleansing products, but can also result in dryness.


A:T FOX Tea Tox Water Cream

Proper moisturizing is the best way to get rid of peeling and dryness, which are easily emphasized by foundations. Therefore, it makes sense to use your favourite cream and also apply an express remedy before the makeup. If you have an extra 15-20 minutes, treat yourself to a sheet mask or another deep moisturizing product.

Choose products depending on your skin type and the necessary degree of moisturizing. With too much hydration your makeup will flow. 

Makeup bases and primers

TonyMoly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

These products are used to prolong the durability of makeup, but remember that well-cleansed and moisturized skin will do exactly the same.

Primers are useful thanks to additional functions: aligning the skin relief and tone, they add radiance and remove oily shine.

Smoothing balms for pores should be used with care: the silicone in their composition is too plastic, unstable and poorly behaves under foundation products. At some point during the day, these products can simply flow along with the sebum and sweat, which are produced during the day. You can use smoothing balms, but not every day. People with oily skin should additionally fix makeup with a mist or powder.

On advertising images, we often see how makeup products instantly transform the skin, making it perfectly smooth and radiant. Of course, real life is slightly different, and often our bruises, post-acne and pigmentation remain in place. 

And there's only one solution to that: don't be harsh on yourself and your mirror reflection. Good colour correction might be good for a photo or a dense evening makeup, but with daylight, such things will not pass. Many skin imperfections will, unfortunately, remain visible. Don't believe youtube tutorials of perfect skin. Accept yourself and care for your skin so it heals from within!

- Korean Kiwi Beauty


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