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Mistical care: Can mists replace traditional skincare?
elena lezhneva
Mistical care: Can mists replace traditional skincare?

Mists are gaining their popularity again. We are being told they can perfectly moisturize the skin, protect it from the sun, matte or give shine. It sounds like a dream, especially in the summer – let’ see if it’s true.

Forget about the old mists, there’s now a new format of products: water-based liquids that contain active ingredients corresponding to the promises of the product. The advantages are obvious: the texture of these products is as light as possible, making them easy to apply and refresh without ruining the makeup. These mists can have different functions: moisturizing thanks to hyaluronic acid, refreshing with vitamins to use immediately after face cleansing, mists providing radiance thanks to oils and niacinamide, and even sunscreens and traditional sprays for fixing makeup. These products could be used separately or as an additional care together with other products like creams and serums.

Some people confuse mists and thermal water. They are technically different products. Mists can also be made from thermal water, but with the addition of other ingredients such as essential oils. Thanks to this, mists can provide the same level of skincare as thicker moisturizing products. Moisturizing mists can sometimes successfully replace face creams, making them perfect moisturizers in the warm season. To avoid the wet face, keep the spray at a decent distance, not less than fifteen centimeters away, and apply them gradually until you get a sufficient dose.

Agatha Water Activator

Nevertheless, don’t treat mists as an ultimate replacement of traditional skincare products. Sprays create a thin layer of the product on the surface of the skin and can’t cope with conditions when the sun behaves aggressively and shines all day. In this case, sunscreen mist should be kept as an extra insurance product, in addition to creams, gels, and fluids. Fixing makeup in hot time is more effective with thermal water: the mineral salt ingredients form an imperceptible solidifying layer on the skin, which, unlike the powder, is completely invisible.

Unfortunately, the water on the surface of the face causes the moisture to evaporate quicker. Dry air and high temperatures also contribute to this. In this case, the mist will make the skin dehydrated. The best way to add mists to your routine is to use them as an intermediate step, sealing the mist with a denser product, toner/emulsion/cream. This will provide you with additional moisture, not dehydration.

An exception are the new Korean mists with gel, not the water texture. They spray just like water but turn back into the gel when in contact with skin. These mists don't drip and don't dry your skin. Agatha Water Keep Activator is a perfect example. 

Agatha Water Keep Activator

Without any doubt, mists are convenient products for busy people in the city. A light bottle can be thrown into a bag and used during the day when needed. However, deep cleansing, makeup removing, treating inflammations and other more complex processes will need to be solved by more saturated and dense products. In this sense, it’s hardly possible to imagine a complete transition to products in the spray format. People living in a perfectly peaceful environment with a perfect and stable skin, most likely, don’t exist.

- Korean Kiwi Beauty


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