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Korean double cleansing and cleansing oils - must have for clean skin
elena lezhneva
Korean double cleansing and cleansing oils - must have for clean skin

Proper cleansing is a crucial stage of skin care. There are a lot of different cosmetic products fulfilling this function: face milk, tonics, lotions, micellar and thermal water, as well as cleansing oils, which are now going viral.

The history of cleansing originates from Asia. Back in 1967, the Japanese cosmetics company Shu Uemura presented a miracle product to clean your skin carefully and thoroughly without tilting its moisture balance. Later some European companies started to produce a similar product too.

The cleansing oil is a universal remedy, which is the best choice for makeup removal.

What is a cleansing oil?

Under normal conditions, oil does not mix well with water. There's naturally a dense oil film on our skin, and it cannot be washed off with water. This troubles skin respiration and blocks the pores. To remove this film you have to use cleansers with surface-active components, alcohols or other degreasers.

Cleansing oils contain polysorbate emulsifier, helping to wet and dissolve oil on your skin. They cease to reject water and can be easily removed. Such cleansing doesn't create a thick oil film and greasy shine or lead to the destruction of the natural protective lipid layer. That's why it won't leave even the most dry and sensitive skin feeling tight after washing.

How do cleansing oils work?

Hydrophilic oil mixture can bind and dissolve oils on your skin and in your pores, and remove makeup. This won't cause any irritation or damage. The process doesn't involve chemical reactions and requires no rubbing. Mixed with water, the cleansing oil forms a light and slightly foaming substance akin to milk. There's also usually no need to use extra alcohol-containing agents.

Cleansing oil

Pros and cons of cleansing oils

Cleansing oil has already proved itself as the best choice when it comes to skin cleansing due to the following:

  • It carefully removes makeup from the eyes and lips;
  • It's hypoallergenic and perfect for women with sensitive skin;
  • It's a natural product containing no harmful substances or complex chemical components;
  • It nourishes and moisturizes your skin excellently;
  • It is a universal product that can also be used for intimate hygiene, for baby care, or as a shower gel;
  • It prevents small facial wrinkles and minor age-related changes;
  • It is efficient in use. You will need only 3-4 drops for single use;
  • It narrows the pores and removes blackheads;
  • It stimulates eyelash and eyebrow growth.

There's a lot to say about pros of the product. But its drawback is the price. Buying a low-cost cleansing oil, you can run into a fake product that won't meet your expectations. Cheap products may include harmful substances and clean the skin poorly.

Korean Double Cleansing

How to use a cleansing oil for washing?

Korean double cleansing consists of two stages and is different from the usual procedure. The most unusual part of it is that you should apply the oil to dry skin.

The cleansing oil is applied right to the skin covered with makeup, including the eyelids, lips, and neck. Then the face is gently massaged for a minute, particular attention given to the problem areas. You don't need any sponges or brushes. The cleansing also doesn't require intensive physical impact.

The second stage is about turning the oil film into a gentle emulsion. It is achieved by adding a bit of warm water and going on with the message. In the process, the oil is whipped with water, creating a slightly foaming whitish emulsion on your face. Dissolved contaminants are broken into the smallest fragments and risen from the depth of the pores.

The final stage is flushing the emulsion with warm water and facial foam or soap.

how to double cleanse

Other ways to use cleansing oils

This product could be also used for hair washing, completely replacing hair shampoo and conditioner. Though this method of hair care is somewhat unusual, a lot of women stick to it. The cleansing emulsion can be formed during the washing or prepared in advance in a separate container. Particular attention is given to the massage of the scalp.

For best results, leave the emulsion on your head for a while, covering it with a plastic cap and a towel. This mask will be especially effective for hair, weakened by frequent styling and prone to dryness. After thorough washing, extra rinse with water laced with table or cider vinegar, or lemon juice is recommended.

This hair washing method can at first confuse you with the lack of foam. The emulsion indeed doesn't lather well, but this doesn't affect its ability to dissolve sebum and contaminants.

You can as well use cleansing oils for intimate hygiene. 

oils for different skin types

How to choose a cleansing oil?

Each manufacturer includes essential oils in the product, determining its effect. To make a good choice, you need to know which one is best for your skin type:

Normal skin

Normal skin owners are lucky; they can use any cleansing oil with any basic essential oils. To ensure proper care, products based on almond, apricot kernels, grape seeds, and coconut oils are recommended.

We recommend the following cleansing oils for Normal Skin:

Oily skin

St. John's wort, grape seeds, jojoba, and rosehip essential oils are the best choice against greasy glitter on your face.

We recommend the following cleansing oils for Oily Skin:

Dry skin

Avocado, shea (karite), and peach oils moisturize, nourish, and eliminate the scabbing of the dehydrated skin.

We recommend the following cleansing oils for Dry Skin:

Combination skin

Grape seeds, hazelnut, jojoba, and almond oils are the best ones for combination skin type.

We recommend the following cleansing oils for Combinations Skin:

Mature skin

Small wrinkles and other age-related changes can be eliminated with the help of avocado, cocoa, and wheat germ oils.

We recommend the following cleansing oils for Mature Skin:

Questions? Drop them in the comments below or flick us an email!


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