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Korean 7-Skin Method - simple makeover for dehydrated tired skin!
elena lezhneva
Korean 7-Skin Method - simple makeover for dehydrated tired skin!

Imagine soft, elastic, radiant skin that is filled with moisture. Skin to die for, right? If you wonder how to achieve the famous Korean dewy skin, try the 7-Skin (or 7-Toner) method. It’s simple enough!

Scientists, cosmetologists, and Korean beauty bloggers are constantly finding new ways to preserve the youth and beauty of the skin. One of the latest trends is the 7 Skin Method, a way to restore dry skin. The best part of this method is its simplicity!

What is the 7-layer method?

In simple terms, it is the consistent use of toner or light watery essence up to seven times immediately after cleansing and before you moisturize the skin with face cream. You might ask why is it called "7 skin"? In South Korea they use toners, not tonics. Toners contain much less alcohol and are softer. At the same time, there is also a special kind of toner - skin - it is a more hydrating analogue. Hence the name 7 Skin Method, because Koreans prefer to use the skin product. You can also call it a 7-Toner method if you like.

What is the use of the 7-skin method?

The answer is simple - hydration! Thanks to the multi-layered application of toner, your skin absorbs more moisturizing ingredients, ultimately making you the owner of the hydrated and healthy skin.

The idea of 7 layers is that the level of skin moisture can be increased in an effective way without the feeling of heaviness or oiliness that can arise due to the use of traditional creams and oils for the face. It is also an excellent way to moisturize all skin types, providing an optimal balance of moisture and natural oils, returning its radiance and smooth tone.

In addition, when you apply a ton of skin care products at a time, often, before your skin is really ready to digest the product, the product has already started to evaporate and is not fully absorbed.

How to use the 7-skin method?

The "Seven Layers" might sound like spending too much time and the product at first. However, it really works, and it's worth it.

In fact, you won’t spend 7 times more toner. On average, you will spend the product 3-4 times more than in the usual application. But, at the same time, you will save much more expensive serums and masks, in some cases even face creams.

hydrated skin

How to follow the 7-skin method correctly?

Step 1: Clean the face as usual. For a start, your skin must be free of cosmetics, dust and sebum. We recommend the double-cleansing: hydrophilic oils or cream, and then a foam or face soap.

Step 2: It is best to apply the first layer of toner when your face is slightly damp, and not completely dry. This first layer can be applied with a cotton disc or with hands (we prefer to use hands!). We recommend starting from the inside of the face (cheeks) towards the nose and gently climb up and out. Or just start from the driest areas of your face.

Step 3: Pour a little bit of toner in your palms (about the size of a coin) and, while your skin is still slightly damp, pat it slowly and lightly with the toner, "driving" it into the skin, starting from the area of the cheeks. Do not use your toner around the eyes, the skin there is the thinnest. To care for this area, apply your eye cream as usual.

Step 4: Then repeat the procedure of moistening the face with the toner 5 more times, and finally use a light moisturizing cream to "seal" the moisture in the skin cells for the whole day. In the summer months, especially if you have oily skin, some women don’t even need to do anything after seven layers of toner.

Tip: If you are afraid or not sure that you are ready to use seven layers at once, then start with three. After you see the benefits of this system, you won’t notice how your skin will quickly adopt to the full version.

Common mistakes when using 7-skin method

Applying the toner 7 times with a cotton pad.

This can lead to skin irritation due to frequent friction of the disc. It’s sufficient to use it only at the very beginning, so it will gently peel the skin, relieving the keratinized particles. Then use your palms to apply the toner repeatedly.

Keeping big breaks between applications.

Some people think that the time between each layer of toner application should be from 3 to 15 minutes. In fact, this is not so. If we let the skin dry completely before applying the next layer, it will be more difficult for it to absorb a lot of moisturizing ingredients. It is better to apply the next layer, while the skin is still wet, after about 30-60 seconds.

Choosing the wrong toners.

Avoid products with a high alcohol content. For dry skin, it is ideal to find a non-alcohol toner, for oily skin, it is better to choose a toner with a little alcohol content.

Tip: For 7-skin method, don’t select heavy or anti-aging toners/skins. The concentration of nutritious and heavy lifting components in them is very high. And you can oversaturate and "spoil" your skin.

water yay


7-skin method is completely safe for the skin, because the toner (or essence) that you use contains almost no alcohol. Ultimately, this method increases the level of skin hydration, and also doesn’t empty your wallet.

Need toner recommendations for the 7-skin method? Here you go!

Dry skin: Pyunkang Yul Essence TonerKlairs Supple Preparation Facial TonerSkinfood Premium Avocado Rich Toner

Oily skin: Innisfree Jejubija Trouble SkinCOSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner

- Korean Kiwi Beauty

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