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K-Beauty Must-Haves You Should Try!
elena lezhneva
K-Beauty Must-Haves You Should Try!

A couple of years ago, Korean cosmetics started winning the European market. Even girls used to luxury and professional cosmetics set eyes on unique products from the country of morning freshness. If you still haven't tried out these awesome products, we will show you where to start!

Speaking about the beauty trends, do you remember the 90's, the so-called, French period? The tempting inscription "made in France" turned any cream or lipstick into the dream of all the women. Nowadays, the inscription "made in Korea" has the same effect.

Beauty bloggers were the first to introduce Korean beauty products to the public, spreading a word about their great effect. Now South Korea is rightly considered a trendsetter in the beauty sphere.

With the help of the latest technologies, Koreans make cosmetics with unique ingredients, properties, and design. Let's figure out which Korean products are worth paying particular attention to.

cosrx make me lovely bb



Korea is a country of the perfect skin cult. Unlike America and Europe, the concept of what's perfect is different there. According to Korean standards, the skin should be nourished, glowing, and very light, without the slightest signs of sun exposure, acne or wrinkles. Due to this, Korean foundations are often very light, but dense and good at concealing skin problems. Koreans are experts at making 2 in1 products, the most striking example of which is the BB cream. The real Korean BB creams are applied to the bare skin, they moisturize it, and conceal defects. Some of them may have anti-aging or anti-acne extra effect. One of the greatest advantages of Korean foundations is a high SPF and lighter than European shades.

Try out: classic BB creams by Skin79 and Missha (they are suitable for any skin type), Cushion foundations, CC creams with strong concealing effect, unusual gel- and water-based foundations.



dear klairs soap

Korean women pay a lot of attention to skin care. There is even an exclusive multi-stage skin care system called their secret weapon. One of the main stages of this system is cleansing. That's why there's a wide range of Korean cleansers to fit every taste. It is an excellent choice for women with problem-prone skin, for Korean products are considered the most effective against blemishes.

Try out: hydrophilic oils (they are better than any other two-phase products at makeup removal, must-have for BB cream users), peeling gels (in-home professional peeling), gommage scrubs, and one-use makeup removing wipes.

korean makeup



While the European women consider a primer either useless or unnecessary, the Koreans won't leave the house without applying it. Basically, primers are divided into silicone and luminous ones. The first ones are designed to conceal pores and narrow them, as well as to mattify and smooth the skin to avoid pore-clogging. The second ones make the skin glow and look healthy. So, the first group is better for oily and combination skin, and the second one - for dry and dehydrated skin.

Try out: Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm by Tony Moly, liquid highlighters, special primers for BB-creams.

it's skin lip balms



Besides BB creams, tints are probably the most traditional Korean products. In essence, they are very persistent pigments for lips and cheeks, which stay on your skin for up to 12 hours. The gloss and stickiness disappear while in use, leaving only the colour, so the tint doesn't smear. Korean cosmetic brands are releasing lots of tints in various forms. Those are: ink tints resembling painted water, tint-glosses, lipsticks, pencils, tint-balms, and even super-resistant lip tattoos. Ink tints are the brightest ones, but they can dry out your lips. Tint-balms can only slightly encolour your lips, but they moisturize and nourish them. The choice here depends on your preferences and on how sensitive the skin on your lips is. Remember that a tint can also be a great blush, especially for women with oily skin.

Try out: jelly tints by Skinfood (they have a nice texture and a great selection of shades), highly resistant ink tint Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint by Tony Moly and lip tattoos by The Saem or Secret Key.

Missha All-Around Sunscreen


Other nice things

Koreans are great at creating all sorts of unusual beauty-things that are difficult to define into a specific category, yet you definitely need them. For example, there's a wide range of anti-acne products, starting with salicylic acid wipes, and ending with pads for "pulling out" the blackheads from the pores. An acid peeling for feet in the form of socks, which will make your feet perfectly smooth for ten days, also deserves your attention. For fair-skin people, Korean manufacturers offer a variety of skin care products with a high SPF.

Try out: washing brushes and konnyaku sponges, skin care products with a snail secretions, anti-acne products, foot peelings.

As you can see, Korean cosmetics have a lot of advantages, such as a huge assortment, decent prices, and quality ingredients. We at Korean Kiwi Beauty strive to provide the biggest and the best range of K-Beauty products. Tell us what are your favorite Korean skincare and makeup, so we could expand our range even more!

If you have any questions about about K-Beauty, please don't be shy and let us know! We are here to help! <3

- Korean Kiwi Beauty team

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