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Introducing new brand: Agatha cosmetics!
elena lezhneva
Introducing new brand: Agatha cosmetics!

Agatha is the skincare and makeup brand, developed and produced by the same company (COSON) that manufactures and sells Mizon, Moonshot, Lapothicell, Village 11 Factory and others.

Unlike other modern Korean brands, Agatha was originally developed for domestic market only. Korean girls adore French style, and many young women dream about spending their honeymoon in Paris. That’s why the company decided to combine K-Beauty knowledge and the French chic style.

The package design of Agatha cosmetics was developed together with the French company Agatha Jewellery, that’s been the leader among the jewelry manufacturers in France for 40 years already. Agatha cosmetics even carries the same brand symbol – iconic little dog, the Scottish terrier.

Have a look at all Agatha products here: Agatha

Agatha Premiere Lipstick

After domestic success, the brand quickly became sought-after in other Asian countries and Europe thanks you effective formulas, stylish design, and affordable prices.

Agatha products are made from natural ingredients using the latest technology. COSON has its own laboratories and research institutes, allowing its brands to reach the highest quality of products. The main ingredients in all products are Rose (rose extract and rose oil), Camellia, Peony, Safflower, Rosa Rugosa and Flanders Poppy.

Agatha cosmetics have the following skin care lines:

Agatha Essentiel Petal Mask

Essentiel (dry and normal skin, age 25-35): Oil Soap Cleanser, Foaming Cleanser, Skin, Emulsion, Face Cream, Eye Cream, More Moist Face Cream, Petal Face Mask, Water Keep Activator, Sun Protection Perfect Cream SPF 50+, Sun Protection Soft Essence

Blanc Rose (dull skin, any age): Face Cream, Spa Cleansing Water

Permiere (mature skin, age 35+): Intensive oil, Intensive Serum, Face Cream, Eye cream, Creamy Gel, Daily Peeling Cream

Functionnel serums (anti-aging): Rose, Escargot (Snail) and Wine

Makeup line:

Agatha Foundation Stick

Foundation products: Essentiel CC cream, Essentiel BB cream, Essentiel Foundation, Essentiel Stick Foundation, Essentiel Powder Pact, Blanc CC Pact, Essentiel Concealer

Lip products: Tresbien lipstick, Blanc Mellow lip tint, Permier Lipstick

Eye products: French Look book (eye shadows and lip colors palette)

Have a look at all Agatha products here: Agatha

- Korean Kiwi Beauty

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