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Introduce your mom to Korean Skincare
elena lezhneva
Introduce your mom to Korean Skincare

Even if your mom never worried about skincare at younger years, after reaching a certain age, she will likely to begin looking for a remedy that can help to preserve youth and slow the process of aging. Fortunately, the modern cosmetic industry has developed tremendously, and real results can be achieved by the means of skincare.

In order to find products suitable for your mother’s skin, let’s look at the basic principles of anti-aging skincare.

What happens to skin with age?

After 50, our skin intensively loses moisture, elasticity, and healthy tone. Due to the gravity, the oval of the face is weakened. Negative environment and lifestyle factors prevent the circulation of oxygen, and, as a consequence, nourishment of the skin. The fatty layer of the skin reduces, and protective functions weaken. The skin becomes dry and vulnerable.

Skincare for mature skin must slow down and suspend these processes, minimizing the impact of negative factors that accelerate its aging.

How does anti-aging skincare work?

Anti-aging skincare provides the skin with what it lacks. Collagen is a protein, of which our skin consists. Its sufficient amount provides elasticity and firmness of the skin. If there is the insufficient production of the natural skin collagen, it can be replaced with an "alien", which will perform almost the same functions.

Peptides are molecules built from amino acids. Their main function is regenerating, returning skin elasticity, hydration, tone.

Retinol (Vitamin A) improves blood supply and is responsible for the regeneration of tissues. It fights couperose, pigment spots and dryness.

Other vitamins. For example, vitamin C is necessary for the formation of natural collagen, and vitamin E is responsible for the renewal of cells.

The basic skincare rules and recommendations as well apply to the anti-aging care.

  • Cleansing: only a well-cleansed skin can absorb the maximum of active ingredients.
  • Exfoliation helps to improve the penetration of the active ingredients, and even outline the skin relief, helping to reduce the production of excessive pigmentation.
  • Continuous moisturizing is absolutely essential to maintain skin youth and health.
  • Nutrition for the aged skin must be increased and very regular.

How to introduce someone new to Korean skincare and anti-aging products?

First, identify the main problems and choose the products that are recommended for their solution. Focus on the actual state of the skin, and not the age recommendation on the cream package. Don’t forget about the skin type - oily, dry, combined, and sensitive.

If the person is completely new to skincare, don’t overload them with new products and routine.

  • Sheet masks are perfect for people who want to spend the minimum time and effort on their skincare. They are very easy to use and it only takes 20 minutes to benefit from the sheet masks. Results are instant!

Check our collection of sheet masks here: Sheet Masks

  • Women with uneven skin tone and dry skin love Korean cleansing oils. Unlike cleansing soaps and foam, oils are more gentle on the skin. They effectively cleanse without drying and irritating the mature skin.

See all cleansing oils here: Cleansing Oils

  • Any skin requires deep cleansing and exfoliation. In fact, dead skin cells can provoke the appearance of new wrinkles and make the skin tone even duller. Mature skin needs gentle exfoliation, making peeling gels the best product for this cleansing step.

Our collection of peeling gels is here: Peeling Gels

  • If you were to search for one product with the maximum effect, serums and ampoules would be your choice! They can be used once or twice a day and they focus on specific problems. Korean serums and ampoules are extremely effective against wrinkles and pigmentation. These products are usually more expensive than other skincare products, but this could be explained by the high concentration of the best ingredients. 

Check all serums here: Serums and Ampoules 

  • Face and eye creams are essential products of any skincare routine. They are familiar to everyone. Korean moisturizers are often more concentrated and effective compared to traditional Western ones. They are made from the best ingredients using the latest technologies. And they cost less too!

Our moisturizers could be found here: Face Creams and Eye Creams 

  • Sunscreens are must-haves for anyone but especially for mature skin. UV light provokes age-related pigmentation and the formation of wrinkles. Korean sunscreens are light in texture but strong in their SPF properties! 

Check all sunscreens here: Sunscreens 

  • Let's not forget about other body parts too. With age, the skin on hands and feet becomes extremely dry and easy to irritate. Cold or hot weather, wind, and exposure to chemicals only make it worse. Korean creams and handy sheet masks (for feet and hands) are very effective and also quick and easy to use. Just like face sheet masks, they provide instant results! 

See all our hand and feet products here: Hands and Feet 

As you see, skincare for mature skin doesn't have to be complicated or very expensive. Korean companies created something for every woman and any budget. 

Let’s be honest, no skincare can make one look 20 again, however, correct products and routine will make it healthy and well-groomed at any age. 

If you have any questions about skincare for mature skin, don't hesitate to flick us an email: shop@koreankiwibeauty.net 

Happy Mother's Day! 

- Korean Kiwi Beauty 

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