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How to treat skin to death: popular skincare myths that are dangerous for you.
elena lezhneva
How to treat skin to death: popular skincare myths that are dangerous for you.

There's lots of incorrect information about skincare, as well as harmful advice and dangerous delusions online. Let's look at the most common ones and find out why it's no good to prolong the life of expired cosmetics and tolerate unpleasant burning feeling from a moisturizing toner.

Skincare lifehacks travel from mouth to mouth, but they are not always effective, useful and safe. The origin of these believes could be different, but many misconceptions are so persistent that they have been following us since childhood. In this article, we will dispel ten popular skincare myths.

Burn inflammations

COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch

Local inflammations disappear faster if they are treated locally with a special product. The concentration of active ingredients in these products is high, yet it is not the same as pure alcohol, perfume or toothpaste, which are often advised to apply on acne for the purpose of drying the skin. With home-made products, firstly, it is not always possible to solve the problem, and in addition, you can over-dry the skin and even get a local burn if you leave the paste or alcohol on your face for a long time.

Mix cosmetics yourself

skincare berries

The world is full of cosmetic products for any budget. Therefore, an idea to mix a face foam with baking soda; dandruff shampoo with aspirin or face scrub with sugar seems to us at least unjustified. It is based primarily on the common misconception that these ingredients, added manually are purely "natural", and anything that comes in a bottle is "chemistry". However, "natural" ingredients are not simple. Even vegetables and fruits can cause an allergic reaction, and their ability to nourish the skin with vitamins better than the finished product is greatly exaggerated. Sugar grains, in turn, can injure the skin; aspirin, although has an anti-inflammatory effect, is very difficult to add in the necessary and safe proportion, and soda with its pH 8 seriously disrupts skin pH (which is between 4.5 and 6,5) and dries it.

Treat acne with a tan

skin tan

First of all, many skincare products for acne can increase the susceptibility of the skin to ultraviolet, making it unsafe to spend time in the sun and in the solarium. Secondly, despite the fact that the solar baths can give a small anti-inflammatory effect, they can't cure the acne but will increase the chances of getting pigmentation, and accelerating aging. The only real positive effect of suntan is similar to makeup: indeed, irregularities are less visible on the tanned skin, but it's just a cosmetic effect and not a real solution to the problem.

Wash face once a day

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Even if you don't use makeup at all, a single evening wash is not enough to wash away the dust, dirt, and sebum accumulated over the entire day. Regular face cleansing twice a day (and three times a day if you work out) with a soft cleansing cream or foam product helps the skin to absorb moisturizing creams and serums and recover after skin problems like rosacea. It reduces the likelihood of inflammation and makes the pores cleaner.

Use baby oil to attract suntan

baby oil

Baby oils moisturize the skin, but they don't contain sunscreen filters - therefore provide no protection from the sun. These oils are loved for being effective and inexpensive (in comparison with good bronzers). They help to get a thick tan in a short time, but the consequences of this quick sunburn will be much worse than the cosmetic effect.

Intensively exfoliate the skin

Skinfood	Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub

Exfoliation is necessary, but it should never injure your skin. There are different products for different skin types: scrubs with abrasive particles, enzyme peels, gadgets like Clarisonic brushes, Foreo, and even makeup remover wipes. People with oily and combination skin sometimes like to use several products at the same time, but lack of moisturizing and intensive exfoliation doesn't adjust sebum regulation but also increases it. In addition, aggressive physical procedures can cause couperose.

Choose aggressive products

aggressive exfoliating

The previous paragraph was meant to dispel the belief that any "working" skin care product should burn on the skin and cause visible discomfort. While some products containing acids, mud or oxygen can tingle the skin a little, which is caused by the mechanism of their action, and this is normal. But burning feeling and redness after using a moisturizing toner or face cream is not a natural reaction for these products, and only shows that they are not suitable for your skin.

Use too many products

too many skincare products

We all know very well how difficult it is to keep away from buying and testing a new beautiful product, but sometimes it's better to pass. Usually, basic skin care consists of three to four steps: cleansing, sunscreen, facial cream, and serum, working on specific problems. Masks, scrubs, face oils and other products are also essential, but not everything and not at the same time, otherwise, you can provoke irritation. In addition, it is necessary to monitor how the products are combined, and the more products you have, the more difficult it's to combine them.

Work out with makeup


Warmed up skin can perceive makeup as an irritant and react with inflammation. Heavy foundation and powder mixed together with sebum are likely to clog your pores. We strongly recommend to remove makeup before working out, and also wash the face from sweat after the session.

Prolong the life of cosmetics

expired cosmetics

There's a well-known advice how to save an old mascara: dilute it with eye drops. However, this is a bad advice as any skincare and makeup product has the maximum period of life (once they are open) - three months, sometimes - two. Makeup products usually dry just at the end of their life. The resurrection of broken powders, shadows and blush doesn't have to be dangerous for your skin but be prepared that after you add vaseline or alcohol to the crushed product, be prepared that it will behave differently on the skin and, again, may cause an unpredictable reaction.

-Korean Kiwi Beauty

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