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How to choose and apply blushers: 7 excellent products for any taste
elena lezhneva
How to choose and apply blushers: 7 excellent products for any taste

Blush is one of the most ignored makeup products, and yet it’s the simplest and the most effective way to transform your look: fake eight hours of sleep, play a drama queen or get a carefree California tan on the North Pole. We’ll tell you about different kinds of blushers and how to choose the right one.

There’re several types of blusher, distinguished by the product form.


Labiotte Momentique Time Blusher

The most popular type is a powder blush, which is comfortable to use, naturally applied with a brush. Almost all modern powder blushers contain very finely grounded powder so that even a makeup baby can easily cope with any shades and degree of brightness. Usually, powder products have a light shimmer, so that the skin beautifully reflects the light, but there are also matt shades, and very shiny ones, which can easily replace a highlighter.


Holika Holika Holi Pop Watercolor Cheek

Gel blush is relatively liquid with light textures that could be used instead of lip tints too. They are almost always translucent and easy to blend with fingers or sponge. These blushers are good because they are slightly absorbed by the skin, therefore they look like real (natural) blush.


A'PIEU Heart On The Cheek

Cream blush usually comes in stick format (they are often designed for both cheeks and lips), and sometimes also - in classic packs. There are blushers of both natural shades, and very bright. Cream blushers are easy to blend and layer, they are convenient to carry - the perfect thing for a quick makeup. These products can be applied with fingers, brush, and sponge.


Missha Moist Tension Blusher

Cushions have been the most fashionable type of blush for about three years. They are basically sponges, impregnated with pigment (same as traditional foundation cushions). They are really convenient, and the biggest advantage of these blushers is a dense coating, the degree of which can be varied: from natural to dramatic. They are applied with the sponge attached.

What are the different shades for?

Coral and peach

It's Skin Babyface Petit Blusher

Peach is the most versatile color for blush: it’s always refreshing, it never looks superfluous, and it looks great with almost any makeup. The color can go into any shade of the skin. It looks especially good on the cheekbones, but you can play with the color and try brightening other parts of your face too. Ideal for pale skin with a warm tone.


Holika Holika Holi Pop Watercolor Cheek

Another universal color that exists in a variety of shades. The shade, which is usually referred to "the color of a dusty rose", will suit any makeup, and the cold crazy pink shade can become an accent on your face. If you apply pink blush on the apple cheeks, which is exactly the place that usually first blushes from the cold, the face will look rounder and healthier, and if you blush along the cheekbones to the temple, it will become more elongated. Also perfect for pale skin with a warm tone.


Holika Holika Holi Pop Watercolor Cheek

Blush as the main accent in makeup is a trend that once again came into vogue a couple of years ago along with draping. Bright blush can scare many, but there's nothing to be afraid of - bright colors look fresh and harmonious on the face when properly blended. It’s also good to combine them with the same bright lipsticks or wide arrows. If you don’t want to pull on puppet cheeks just yet, bright blush can be shaded to a translucent shade too: any good modern formula would allow this.

Plum and dark

Missha Modern Shadow

Dark blush is the best way to draw drama on the face when you want it, and there is no time for the smoky eyes. Being applied to the prominent part of the cheekbones, the dark blush will make your face look more elongated and will replace the contouring - the oval of the face immediately becomes like the Maleficent. The dark blush looks great with bright eye makeup, dark lipsticks and just by itself. Will look fantastic on girls with cold face tone.

Beige and brown

Innisfree Face Designing Duo

Beige and brown blush are not really bronzers and sculptors, although sometimes they can be replaced by these products. In brown blushes, there is usually more pink, and although they can create the illusion of sunburn, they are applied a little differently - not to all prominent parts of the face, but only to the upper part of the cheeks (however, no one can prevent you from experimenting). Beige blush is perfect for nude makeup, it slightly shapes the oval of the face without being too noticeable.

How to apply blusher

There’re usually brushes provided together with powder blush products, and in recent years they became more decent - you don’t have to throw them away immediately. However, they are mostly meant to help you fix your makeup quickly on the go. If you are a frequent blush user, it is better to acquire at least a few good brushes: the quality of the brush determines how the blush will lie and blend. For cream blush, you can also use a sponge.

How to apply blusher depending on the shape of the face

For an oval face

oval face blush

Concentrate all attention (and the maximum amount of blush) on the top lines of the cheekbones, shading toward the temples. So you can emphasize cheekbones.

First of all, apply blush on the most protruding parts of the cheekbones, then lightly blend the blush to the earlobe.

For a round face

round face blush

To visually stretch the face, apply blush on the "apples" of the cheeks and shade them under the cheekbone. To find the "apples", just smile and determine the most prominent part of the cheek.

For a square face

square face blush

Apply blush to the "apples" of cheeks with circular sweeping movements. This will help smooth out angular features and will attract attention to cheeks, which due to blush will seem more round and bulky.

For a triangular face

triangular face blush

Apply blush on the upper line of the cheekbones, shading to the temples. This application will shift the focus to the center of the face. Also, emphasize the cheekbones with a highlighter.

-Korean Kiwi Beauty 

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