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Favorite Troiareuke products
elena lezhneva
Favorite Troiareuke products

Troiareuke is a professional prescription skincare brand from Korea. Originally, they only sold to professional beauty spas (which the brand still does). However, due to a very popular demand, several years ago they started selling most of these products for home care too.


You won't be able to buy the highly concentrated TROIPEEL peeling product for home because it's so strong, it can easily burn the skin if applied incorrectly. Fortunately, most of the other products are safe and easy to use.

We've been very lucky to be invited to the Troiareuke (home use products) and Troipeel (professional use) showroom in Seoul this year. Tried heaps of the products and, boy, we were left very impressed. These products are super expensive but yes, you are paying for professional quality.


Elena's favourites:

ASCEN Recovery Cream - professional recovery cream for regeneration and scar improvement.

Troiareuke Recovery Cream

It works! Very light moisturizer with fantastic texture and hydration properties. 99% day creams clog my pores, and this is one cream that doesn't. I used it to the very last drop (actually cut the bottom and collected from the walls).

Oil Cut Cleanser - all in one type cleanser that helps to remove oil dirt and water dirt without damaging the skin. Perfect for combination and oily skin.

Troiareuke Oil Cut

Again, a very light product that doesn't clog pores. It's so light, you don't need to wash it off with a foam. Simply rinse with water.

H+ Healing Cushion - professional skincare makeup cushion. Anti-wrinkle, whitening and UVA/UVB protection. Aesthetic Cushion with 99% skincare and 1% makeup.

Troiareuke H+ Healing Cushion

My favourite cushion for 3 years already! They claim this cushion is so good, you can sleep without removing it. Guess what, I tried it a number of times and never had a reaction, blemishes or clogged pores the morning after. It's absolutely fantastic.

-Elena for Korean Kiwi Beauty

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